The Traditional Chinese Medicine Wisdom of Herbtail GlucoMetabol (Part 2): Eight Pathogenic Mechanisms of Diabetes and Holistic Therapy

Diabetes is widely researched internationally, and its pathogenic mechanisms have increased from the original eight factors to 11 or 12, with more new pathogenic factors expected to be discovered in the future. These mechanisms include influences from genetics, environment, lifestyle, and the immune system, each of which can contribute to the onset and development of diabetes to varying degrees. Eight Pathogenic Mechanisms of Diabetes Currently, the consensus in the academic community is based on the eight mechanisms proposed by diabetes expert Professor DeFronzo: Decreased insulin secretion from the pancreas: In the early stages of the disease, peripheral tissues of the […]

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Wisdom of Herbtail GlucoMetabol (Part 1): Reshaping New Hope for Health

Hello everyone, I am Chang-Hong Chen, the Chairman of Landmacy Healthcare Tech Company, and I am responsible for the development, design, and production of Herbtail GlucoMetabol. Today, I am very pleased to meet you all and share the story and philosophy behind our product. Product Launch and Market Response It has been about six months since we launched Herbtail GlucoMetabol (aka Three-Highs Metabolic Treasure or Three-Highs Treasure) last October (2023). During this period, we have received a lot of feedback from consumers, most of which are positive affirmations. Our official website is filled with consumer comments, and many people have […]

Changing the destiny of blood sugar! Strategies and dietary secrets for preventing diabetes

Diabetes is the most chronic disease that cannot be ignored in modern society. Poor blood sugar control is like soaking all organs in syrup, which significantly increases the risk of complications over time. Although prediabetes can be reversed through diet, exercise, and medication control, once diagnosed, one must learn to live with the disease to improve quality of life. Balanced Diet: The Core of Diabetes Prevention A balanced diet is the core principle of preventing diabetes. Every day, you should consume whole grains, dairy products, legumes, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, oils, and nuts to obtain sufficient nutrients to meet the […]